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Plumbing Repipe

Home & Commercial Plumbing Repipe

Copper and PEX Piping

plumbing repipe repiping homes and commercial portland or vancouver wa longview kelso camas washingtonSarkinen Plumbing & HVAC performs quality plumbing re-pipes for residential and commercial customers in Portland, Vancouver, Camas, and Longview Washington.  Those in need of re-piping services can trust that Sakinen Plumbing performs the highest quality home and commercial re-pipes in the Portland & Vancouver metro area. Sarkinen Plumbing is experienced at copper re-pipes as well as Pex re-pipes.  So whatever budget or situation you may find yourself in when needing a plumbing re-pipe, Sarkinen Plumbing has the options to fit your needs

The Sarkinen Plumbing re-piping process is as follows:

  1. Sarkinen Plumbing will first inspect your current plumbing and piping situation. Rust, corrosion, leaks and compromised connections are all signs that re-piping is needed for your home or business. Once initial pipe inspection is complete, you will be provided a quote for the repair or replacement services.
  2. Then Sarkinen Plumbing will use only the highest quality, guaranteed copper or pex piping on your plumbing re-pipe.  We do this to ensure you have trouble free plumbing operations many years into the future.
  3. When re-piping is ready to occur, the main water line will be turned off and Sarkinen Plumbing will get to work removing your old plumbing pipes, creating as little mess as possible so that you may go about your normal routines with as little impact as possible.
  4. Once the plumbing re-pipe process is complete, Sarkinen Plumbing will perform a final inspection to ensure all piping is secure and ready for years of trouble free use.
  5. After final inspection is complete, Sarkinen Plumbing will repair any drywall sections that needed removal for the re-pipe process.

Plumbing Re-Pipes

Depending on where the plumbing re-piping is needed, there may be permits or regulations that must be followed. Sarkinen Plumbing has all the information needed to conduct proper and efficient plumbing re-piping.  Plumbing re-pipes performed by Sarkinen Plumbing & HVAC are guaranteed for many years of trouble free operation and service, and depending on your choice of copper or pex piping will determine the exact amount of years that piping is guaranteed.