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Plumbing Repipe

Home & Commercial Plumbing Repipe

plumbing repipe repiping homes and commercial portland or vancouver wa longview kelso camas washingtonSarkinen Plumbing & HVAC performs quality commercial and home plumbing re-pipes for customers in Portland, Vancouver, Camas, and Longview Washington.  Those in need of re-piping services can trust that Sakinen Plumbing performs the highest quality home and commercial re-pipes in the Portland & Vancouver metro area. Sarkinen Plumbing is experienced at copper re-pipes as well as Pex re-pipes.  So whatever budget or situation you may find yourself in when needing a plumbing re-pipe, Sarkinen Plumbing has the options to fit your needs

Home Plumbing Repipes – Commercial Plumbing Repipes

With time, plumbing systems become old and pipes begin to deteriorate from age. An aging plumbing system will typically show signs of needed repair or replacement. These signs may include discolored water, leaking pipes, slow running water, low water pressure, clogged pipes, gurgling drains, and much more.

If you suspect major issues with your home’s plumbing system, contacting a professional plumbing company to conduct a thorough inspection is highly encouraged. If you are in need of a plumbing repipe job, delaying this could result in catastrophic damages to your home. If a pipe were to burst while you were at work, it could potentially fill your home with hundreds of gallons of water, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Even a small leak in an underground pipe could result in hundreds of gallons of wasted water, and unnecessarily high water bills.

Plumbing repiping is a major job, however it should never be avoided if needed. This is an expensive undertaking that cannot be mishandled, as having a sound plumbing system is arguably the most important part of your home. Your family uses water everyday to drink, prepare food, shower, and clean the home. Due to the significant importance of a quality plumbing system, doing your research to ensure you are choosing a qualified professional is a must.

If you suspect your plumbing system is compromised, called Sarkinen Plumbing for an honest assessment of its current condition. Sarkinen Plumbing & HVAC performs quality plumbing re-pipes for residential and commercial customers in Portland, Vancouver, Camas, and Longview, Washington areas. We understand the stress and uncertainty for a plumbing job of this size, and we are committed to working with you to get the job done at a reasonable rate.

As experts in plumbing repipe, we can offer you options and alternatives to fit your needs and budget. You can count on Sarkinen Plumbing to be truthful about your home’s plumbing needs, as your satisfaction and continued business is our goal.

The Sarkinen Plumbing Plumbing Repiping Process

copper home plumbing repipes portland oregon vancouver washington

Copper Plumbing Repipes

When you choose Sarkinen Plumbing & HVAC for your residential repiping job, you can expect superior customer service every step of the way. Sarkinen Plumbing will first inspect your current plumbing and piping situation. Rust, corrosion, leaks and compromised connections are all signs that re-piping is needed for your home or business. Once the initial pipe inspection is complete, you will be provided a quote for the repair or replacement services.

  1. An experienced and licensed professional will sit down with you to carefully explain recommended solutions as well as your options based on your designated budget. Sarkinen Plumbing only uses the highest quality guaranteed copper, or polybutylene (PEX) piping on your plumbing re-pipe. We are committed to using the best materials possible to ensure you have trouble free plumbing operations for many years to come.
  2. When re-piping is ready to occur, the main water line will be turned off. Sarkinen Plumbing will then get to work removing your old plumbing pipes, creating as little mess as possible so that you may go about your normal routines with minimum disturbance.
  3. Once the plumbing re-pipe process is done, Sarkinen Plumbing will perform a final inspection to ensure all piping is secure and ready for years of trouble free use. After final inspection is complete, Sarkinen Plumbing will repair any drywall sections that needed removal for the re-pipe process. After the completion of drywall repair, we will carefully clean up after ourselves, leaving no trace of the work done.
  4. Depending on where the plumbing re-piping is needed, there may be permits or regulations that must be followed. Sarkinen Plumbing has all the information needed to conduct proper and efficient plumbing re-piping.  Plumbing re-pipes performed by Sarkinen Plumbing & HVAC are guaranteed and your choice of copper or PEX piping will determine the number of years the piping is guaranteed.

Differences between Copper and PEX Piping for plumbing repipes

pex home plumbing repipes portland oregon vancouver washington

Pex Repiping Materials

Both copper and PEX piping options are highly sought after and of undisputed quality. Either way you go, you are sure to receive the best quality repiping servie available in the Portland, Vancouver, Camas, and Longview, Washington areas. Determining which piping material is the better option for you may take some consideration and to get you started, below are the most significant differences between choosing copper repiping materials and PEX.

  • Copper repiping is considerably more expensive than PEX piping
  • Copper piping is of higher quality than PEX piping
  • PEX piping is faster and easier to install than copper piping
  • Partial replacements are only recommended for copper piping
  • PEX piping is only recommended for complete repiping
  • PEX piping requires thoughtful and careful installation as even the smallest mistake can result in the need for an entirely new system

Still unsure of which piping material option is best for your home? No problem. Sarkinen Plumbing would be happy to process the decision with you while keeping your budget in mind, to make the best decision for your particular situation.

Additional Information about plumbing repipes

Sarkinen Plumbing & HVAC is a locally owned and operated business that is committed to working with you to create guaranteed plumbing solution for your presenting problem. We recognize that plumbing repipe can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, which is why Sarkinen professionals are always kind, patient, and eager to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to contact now for more information or to schedule your plumbing repiping inspection today!

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