Plumber – Snaking the drain, not draining the snake

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Plumbing isn’t something that should be left to amateurs. New plumbers should always be lead by someone with experience to make sure that the job gets done right. And at Sarkinen Plumbing, our decades worth of experience works to your advantages. See the difference experience makes and choose us as your local plumbing company.

Piping Supplier – We won’t leave your home drainless

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A good plumber should also work as a piping supplier. After all, a plumber who has no equipment won’t be able to help you much if you have an emergency! We have several types of pipe available and will help you choose the best one for your particular property. We’ll keep your plumbing system, budget, and speed in mind. Choose us, and you won’t choose wrong!

We proudly serve the Orchards area

A small region in the northeastern section of Vancouver WA, Orchards has plenty of things to set it apart from the other parts of town. One of the most popular activities to do in Orchards is horseback riding. In the 5 square mile area, there’s not only one major horse riding club, but two! The Clark County Saddle Club is a place where experts and amateurs alike come to share their shared love of horses. It’s also the site of the famous Vancouver Rodeo, held in the summer months every year. Saddle Ready Riding Center is much more nonchalant and less busy, which makes it the better choice for some people.

As a hub of outdoor activity, there are plenty of activities and shops for people who enjoy the outdoors. One of these is Radical Archery Design. With a selection of sites and arrowheads, it’s an archer’s dream come true! And although it’s close to York Elementary School, there has never been any reported accidents at the school from the nearby archery shop. But if you accidentally shoot an arrow through your pipe or have any other issue with your plumbing, call Sarkinen Plumbing, and we’ll get right on fixing it!