Best Swimming Vancouver WALooking for the best swimming in Vancouver WA?

Vancouver, WA has a normally rainy, windy, and temperate climate. But during late May to Mid September, summer starts to set in. Rain turns from a constant to an occasional visitor, and most days are sunny, clear, and warm. And with dozens of days over 90 degrees in recent summers, even an area that’s normally mild like Vancouver WA needs a good place to cool down with a good swim. Fortunately, there are a few different options depending on what you’re looking for. There are a few monitored public pools with lifeguard stations, water slides, and activities, such as the Firstenburg Center for controlled, public swim for all ages. There are are also some natural bodies of water for open swimming and water activities such as Vancouver Lake. Finally, Klineline Pond is a hybrid using natural water and a dedicated lifeguard station. Most are surprised to find that swimming in Vancouver, WA can actually be a fun thing to do.

Firstenburg Center has swimming and much more!Water Slide Vancouver WA

A popular spot for kids and adults alike, the Firstenburg Center is the premier community center in Vancouver WA. The Firstenburg Center has activities for people of all ages including a climbing wall, fitness center, game room, and of course, a well-maintained pool. A safe pool is a clean pool. That means regular servicing by a plumbing contractor or other water filtration expert.

Much more than basic pools

People go to swimming pools for different reasons. The Firstenburg Center understands this, so created a swimming center that can benefit many different types of swimmers. With the largest water slide in Clark County at 130 feet long, enjoy the thrill of going down a slippery slope–in a good way! The center also has a lazy river current pool, therapeutic lap pool, fun sprinkler systems, a 17-person spa, and more!

Choose from dozens of different classes

Water exercise is one of the most effective ways to stay or become fit. Along with public and family swim times, Firstenburg Center has several pool classes ranging from Aqua Yoga to Individual Lap Swims. Have a little one that needs to take lessons or need to take some yourself? With 6 levels of child swimming lessons as well as Adult Beginner Courses and private lessons, learners of any level can learn to become adept swimmers.

Try a community center pass or private reservations

Offering both drop-in and swimming passes, individuals or families can pay a small fee for monthly passes, a 3-month passes, or yearly passes. These discounted passes are a great deal for frequent swimmers that want to spend a lot of time at the pool. While generally, the pool is open to the public during public swim times, private reservations are also available for groups of up to 25 people. Have an unforgettable birthday party or celebrate a major event by having all the pools and water equipment to yourself!

Lake Park Vancouver WA

Vancouver Lake has open swimming and more

Some Vancouver WA residents and visitors don’t like the hustle and bustle of urban pools and prefer natural water sources instead. For them, Vancouver Lake is one of the area’s best parks, boasting permanent equipment and picnic tables while having plenty of natural water to enjoy.

Try swimming in the largest water source in Vancouver WA!

With an expansive 35 acres of undeveloped land, the bulk of Vancouver Lake Regional Park is the lake itself. The lake is large enough for one group of people to enjoy an enormous floating island and casually sip drinks on their inflatable structure while the local rowing club sharpens their skills out in the distance. But remember, as a natural source of fresh water, there are more things in the water than just people!


Take extra care in the lake

Unlike the public swimming facilities and nearby Klineline Pond, Vancouver Lake has no lifeguards on duty. This means that parents should be extra vigilant when monitoring their children. Weak swimmers should take heed and follow the swimming guide to stay safe. Because there aren’t as many safety precautions for the lake, only strong swimmers should venture out further into the lake and only if they’re confident in their skills.

Want more than just swimming?

The park has plenty to offer! While there’s no ocean, there is sand, and enough of it to have two beach volleyball courts with nets up during the warm season. With permanent grill stations, bring some charcoal and some fresh meat for grilling, or use one of the 65 picnic tables and eat a local pizza!

Like the freedom of open swimming but the safety of a lifeguard?

Then Klineline Pond is the hybrid you’re looking for! As the only outdoor swimming area in Vancouver WA with an on-duty lifeguard, swimmers can enjoy the freedom of an open swimming environment and the security of having a certified professional looking out for them.Lake Water Vancouver WA

Roped swimming areas increase protection

While Klineline Pond is a large source of water, swimming is kept to the roped off areas for safety. This still affords a much water swimming area than public pools, warning people of where the water gets dangerously deep. Unlike Vancouver Lake, this swimming area is reserved for swimmers only, so no kayaks will be found in the area, leaving it has a haven for people wanting to enjoy a quiet swim.

Not a strong swimmer?

If the presence of a lifeguard still leaves swimmers or parents worried, Klineline Pond goes a step further. Offering a lifejacket loaning station, visitors can borrow a lifejacket if they wish for added safety. If that’s still not enough to put their mind at ease, there is also a splash pad with many different types of sprinklers to play in. This uses chlorinated water in a circulating system so the water stays clean and isn’t wasteful to the environment.

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