Are you hurting your drain by cleaning it yourself?

Drain Cleaning Portland OR
Imagine taking a shower and having gross, murky water bubble out from the drain. Instead of being clean, you now having microbial contaminants oozing over your feet. This is the result of a clogged drain. Build up from blockages like food, hair, and grease leads to a clogged drain pipe. It doesn’t have to stay that way though if you have a plumber come by to help. Drain cleaning in Portland, OR from Sarkinen Plumbing is the best way to clean your drain. We guarantee that your drains will be fully and safely cleared.

Drain cleaning with over the counter products is dangerous!

Don’t pour liquid chemicals down your drain . They contain harsh chemicals that will erode your plumbing and pipes over time, which could cause a hefty repair bill down the road. They also pose a serious threat to the environment because of the poisons and toxins they contain.  Fumes can release over time and may cause health problems if they enter your eyes or are inhaled. You deserve better. We only use mechanical means and environmentally friendly materials that won’t damage your pipes or pose a risk to you or your family.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Services

Clear your blocked drains the right way.

clogged drain in Portland presents more problems than the initial inconvenience. Harmful bacteria and pathogens can grow when a clogged drain is allowed to remain. More than just an unsightly appearance, these bacteria can cause health problems. Rapid drain cleaning service is a necessity. The longer you wait the worse a clog will become. Our technicians arrive quickly and get to work immediately. Our services are perfect for homes and especially commercial businesses. We don’t just unclog your drains, we give you tips on how to avoid clogs in the future.

Are you getting confirmation of a clean drain with video drain inspection service?

We want to make sure your drain clogs are gone for good.  To ensure this our plumbers utilize video drain inspections to see exactly what and where the problem is. This allows us to pinpoint problems in your drain and provide the correct drain cleaning service. After drain clearing, we use this same video inspection system to make sure the obstruction(s) are gone for good.  You don’t have to take our word when we say your pipes are clean and ready for use—you can see it for yourself.  We don’t just think your pipes are cleared upon completion, we know they are with our video drain cleaning inspections.

Drain cleaning in Portland, guaranteed.

We can also instruct you on how to maintain your drains to prevent clogging. Drain cleaning in Portland is just one of our many talents. Trust your pipes to our technicians.  Our services are all backed by our 5-star, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For a clean drain from a plumbing company that guarantees your problems are solved, make us your first call. Friendly, thorough, reliable, and safe-call (503) 575-9989 or Contact Us to clear your blocked drains today.

Video Drain Inspection Portland OR

Drain Cleaning Testimonials

  • Technician was friendly and personable. Explained and showed us 3 adults why he thought the drains were not plugged outside. Very helpful.
    Mary O
  • Scott was very prompt and courteous.
    Bert S
  • Very pleased with today's service!
    Dale P
  • Timely arrival and good work.
    Gerald B
  • He was was very helpful!! Thank you so much for your service.
    Katie T
  • Great service, great person on site- $226 for 1/2 hr work is a little expensive.
    Doug N
  • Ryan was polite, professional and quick.
    Brian B
  • Made sure that the drain was open before leaving. Seemed to be very honest. If there was an issue w/ the workmanship I'm sure they would stand by their work & make it right.
    Kathy K
  • Plumber called 15 minutes before arriving, provided clear estimate. Came back later to do the work - looks great and seems to work well.
    Jeff & Linda Y
  • Top notch!
    Blue Key P
  • Fast, friendly service.
  • Great friendly service, cleaned up everything like they were never there. Emailed invoice for future service if needed. Showed up early with a call 20 minutes prior to service.
    Kris D
  • I was told 11AM and the guys got here at 9 and were finished by 10:15 so we could get the store open on time. Thank you very much!!!!
    Blind Onion P
  • The service man from Sarkinen was very knowledgeable regarding the problem, and resolved our issue with the drain. We would definitely recommend this company again.
    Patty H
  • The crew that came onsite was great to work with. I will be recommending Sarkinen pluming to everyone I know.
    Stephanie B
  • Scott was very prompt and courteous.
    Bert S
  • Tyler was very pleasant and answered my questions very quickly. He was very professional and did an excellent job. Thank you for the wonderful service! I will call again if I ever need you!
    Jenny H
  • Great service, friendly, not only on time but early! I would highly recommend this company! Very pleased!
    Ernest J
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Great Job

We have an older home with old pipes that were not draining. When I called 3 Mountain plumbing I was immediately offered their special they offering. Derrick came to our door with a smile, a great attitude and explained everything as he did it. He was helpful and did a fantastic job of getting our pipes cleared. His friendly attitude made the whole experience great. Thank you

Jeanne Re


So life saver. This plumbing company technicians showed up very quickly from the time we called. I messed up in working on a leaking outside faucet which also involved getting in the crawlspace. The job was completed within the hour and that meant the water source is back on. Thank you so much for showing up when desperately needed. For sure you are now added to our contact list.


Great Re-piping job

My galvanized pipes were full of sediment and causing problems. Ryan and his helper replaced all the pipes over a 2-day process with minimal inconvenience . All this at a fair price. Thanks


Excellent Service!

We had a dripping and leaking outside facet, Mike and his assistant got to my house right on time and were very professional. They were able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. I’m very pleased with this company and I will highly recommend Sarkinen Plumbing

Lisa Goodrich
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars