Looking for Fun Things to Do in Vancouver, WA?

Founded in 1824, Vancouver lies on the northern banks of the Columbia River in Washington. Initially occupied by the British and US natives, the city began as a trading post for fur. In 1846, the Oregon Territory was totally under the US control and facilities for US soldiers were developed. The city is home to historical sites, top-tier plumbing contractors, and beautiful scenery with mountain views.

When visiting Vancouver, you can engage in all sorts of activities ranging from visiting national forests and state parks to taking part in outdoor recreational activities. What makes the city a top destination site worldwide is its rich history and natural beauty, making it a fun and interesting place to explore.

Whether you’re visiting for business or vacation, here are the top fun things to do in Vancouver, WA.

1. Explore History at the Pearson Air Museum

Located at the Historical Site of Fort Vancouver National, the museum was constructed in 1918. Found in the historic hanger, the museum was built during World War I for the operation of the Army Spruce Production Division that built ships and planes used in the war. Visit the museum to view the Pearson’s permanent collection of historic artifacts and airplanes, including changing exhibits.

The museum hosts various flight demonstrations and events throughout the year. However, the facility mainly focuses on aircrafts that were built before World War II broke out.

2. Bike at the Vancouver Land Bridge

The Vancouver Land Bridge was developed to commemorate Lewis and Clark’s visit to the area during that time as part of the Confluence Project by Maya Lin, among other reasons. The pedestrian bridge is landscaped and connects to the State Highway 14, enabling bikers and walkers to move easily between the Columbia River and the Historic Site of the Vancouver National.

The bridge is lined with native species of planted vine maples and blue camas. Find out about Lewis and Clark, the Chinook people, local history, the Discovery of Corps, and so much more at the interpretive stations.

3. Explore Bike Trails

Vancouver is home to many trails that run along the Columbia River; they’re loved by bikers and walkers alike. Bike along the 4-mile Discovery Historic Loop Trail and enjoy various attractions and sites along the way. Other trails to explore include the Columbia River Renaissance Trail, the Burnt Bridge Creek and Salmon Creek Trail.

4. Play at the Water Resources Education Center

Take the whole family to have fun at the Water Resources Educated Center. Visit the informative and beautiful garden and enjoy what Mother Nature has in store for you. The Puddles Place is kid-friendly and your kids will have a great time at the nature-themed, interactive site.
With an art gallery, exhibits at the Center and wetlands preserve nearby, there’s something for everyone. Furthermore, with the Columbia River Renaissance Trail close by, you can go biking or for a walk.

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