Guaranteed Plumbing

5 Star Guaranteed Plumbing Services

Plumber contractor Vancouver WASurprises are great when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries. But no one likes surprises like plumbing emergencies, especially when it comes time to pay to have them fixed. Plumbing service and repair can be expensive. That’s why when our technicians come to your home or business they take a look at your whole plumbing system. That way they can let you know what’s really a problem now and what could be the start of a problem in the future. More importantly, it’s our way of accurately diagnosing the root cause of the problem. This accurate diagnosis leads to accurate, and fair pricing. After we’ve diagnosed the situation, we give you options from which you can choose. That way you choose what work you have us do and you know right up front how much it will cost. As an added bonus, we offer you several ways to pay.


We provide same-day service if you’ve got a plumbing emergency, like no hot water, plugged sewer or drain, or you’ve got flooding in your home or business. We put emergencies at the front of the schedule and will make every effort to balance and coordinate our emergency schedule with those waiting on a scheduled appointment.


Sarkinen Plumbing uses only the highest quality plumbing parts and fixtures when installing, replacing or making repairs in your home or commercial property. We work with our customers to help them find the best hardware or equipment to suit their needs, style and budget.


Our focus is on service and repair. We do have crews that handle commercial, construction and remodel work. So feel free to call us if you have that kind of need. However, we’ve built a team that does just one thing, serve you. We focus on repair services and replacing equipment that breaks down rather than spreading ourselves too thin. That way you always have a plumbing technician available when you need one. This commitment of time and resources means that when you have a problem, a repair specialist will be available to fix it.


We know that when you invite us into your home it’s a sign of trust. We don’t take that lightly. That’s why before we certify that our employees are ready to meet customers, on the phone or in the home, they’ve passed a battery of training and testing, including thorough drug and background checks. The bottom line is that the only people we hire are those that our owners and managers feel comfortable having in their own homes with their wives and children present.


Our plumbing technicians are highly skilled and technically qualified individuals who go through rigorous, on-going training. Besides that, they’re nice people who will be respectful to you and your property. They’re professional. They’re polite. And they’re a pleasure to have in your home. What’s more, our team uses shoe covers, they roll out a red carpet to protect your floors and their tools never touch a floor or countertop. And, when the job’s done, they clean up after themselves and leave their work areas cleaner than when they arrived.


Call for gauranteed plumbingSarkinen Plumbing, Inc. is committed to building and maintaining the technical excellence of the services we provide. That’s why we require all our technicians to attend regular (weekly) training sessions. They continue to go over the basics and learn the latest in plumbing service and repair technology. When one of our technicians comes to your door, he’s fully prepared. Your project will never be his first, because he’s already proved himself back at the shop, before he’s dispatched to your home. He’s earned his Five Star with us before he earns them with you!

Besides our technicians who actually provide the service and repair, Sarkinen has highly competent and experienced field supervisors who, although you may never see them, are a valuable resource to our technicians. So, should a second opinion ever be required about a technical question, our technicians have highly qualified expertise to bring to each call. Also, additional backup is available in the office to support the field technician on your job. Should a question arise about prior work performed for you, or if a part needs to be special ordered, the technician needs only to call to access that help.

Combine all of this with our fully-stocked service vehicles, our cutting edge communication technology, our professional service people and the rigorous employment screening, you can understand why we call the person who we deliver to your door a 5 Star professional.

Payment Options For Every Budget

Sarkinen Plumbing, Inc. is proud to offer several payment options, designed to fit your interests and budget.