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Leak detection Vancouver WA

Unfortunately, leaks happen. Since water damage is progressive, immediate leak detection in Vancouver, WA is a necessity to prevent major damage. At Sarkinen Plumbing we provide fast and efficient service. There are many types of plumbing leaks. From leaky pipes under cabinets to more destructive leaks in walls and floors or leaks from the city water line to your home or business, you want effective service. Our skilled technicians locate leaks quickly and get to work repairing them immediately.

Vancouver WA leak detection whenever you need it!

Plumbing leaks are a true emergency. When it comes to leak detection, Vancouver, WA citizens trust us to be their emergency plumber of choice.  Because plumbing leaks don’t wait to happen Monday – Friday 8 to 5, we offer true emergency leak detection services, and because of that we answer call 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

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Plumbing Leak Detection

For leak detection, Vancouver, WA services from a professional are a necessity. Fixing your leak the first time is our highest priority. We use advanced leak detection equipment that often allows us to pin-point leak sources without having to tear into walls or dig up your yard. This can save you a lot over more invasive repair costs.  When paired with our expertise, our leak detection equipment allows us to find and repair every leak and problem.

Questions to ask before getting a leak repair

With other 24 hour plumbing companies an issue may not be fixed right away. You don’t unprofessional leak detection, Vancouver, WA deserves the best so before you decide to hire any emergency plumber for leak detection and repair make sure to ask questions.

  • Will they fix the leak on the first visit?
  • What about help with dry out?
  • Are they going to turn your water off and leave you waterless for more than a few hours?

As a homeowner these are important questions to ask about Vancouver, WA leak detection. Many plumbers will just cut open your walls to expose the problem, shut the water off, tell you that you need your walls to dry out, and they come back the next day – this leaves you without water or sanitary services and you’ll still be charged a hefty emergency bill.  At Sarkinen Plumbing we don’t operate that way.  Unless there is a specific need, issue, or rare circumstance that requires an extended dry out for effective leak repair in Vancouver, WA, we fix your leaks and get your home or business back into operation as soon as we can. We’ll always in these instances, explain the concern in full, and answer any questions you have. You can be assured that Sarkinen cares about your needs.

Leak Detection in Vancouver, WA include:

Professional Leak Repair

Leak detection Vancouver WashingtonFrequent leaks, low water pressure and other problems like these can point to larger problems with your home plumbing.  If your property is older, and the lines are outdated, in some extreme cases partial or whole home repipes may be necessary to maintain the integrity of your system.  Components can wear out over time. Pipes that have been exposed to weather, rodents, and outdated pipe material such as cast iron or ceramic pipes may need replacement with new piping.

We provide free estimates on plumbing re-pipes.  We offer different levels of re-piping and offer financing to those that may need or have been thinking about re-piping their property.

Get the best local leak detection and repair today!

When you need leak detection in Vancouver, WA get services from a team of professionals that are fast, affordable, and caring. Call (360) 882-2034 or Contact Us for leak detection today.

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Leak Detection Testimonials

  • Your service techs showed up right on time, were very professional, worked quickly - and the problem seems to be solved. I was a little surprised at the pricing structure but on the overall, satisfied.
    Cinny Y
  • Robert did a great job for us. He is knowledgeable, friendly, arrived when we promised, cleaned up well afterwards- I have nothing but good things to say.
    Doug M
  • Robert & Dean performed their services with precision and professionalism. We'll always recommend these two & Sarkinen Plumbing for our plumbing needs.
    David C
  • Great service as always!
    Kathryn C
  • The plumbers did a good job, were polite, professional and efficient.
    Mary L
  • Prompt service. Explained problems and steps taken to repair. Will definitely use you again!
    Craig F
  • They were wonderful. Highly capable, friendly, and personable. Much appreciated.
    Chris M
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Great Job

We have an older home with old pipes that were not draining. When I called 3 Mountain plumbing I was immediately offered their special they offering. Derrick came to our door with a smile, a great attitude and explained everything as he did it. He was helpful and did a fantastic job of getting our pipes cleared. His friendly attitude made the whole experience great. Thank you

Jeanne Re


So life saver. This plumbing company technicians showed up very quickly from the time we called. I messed up in working on a leaking outside faucet which also involved getting in the crawlspace. The job was completed within the hour and that meant the water source is back on. Thank you so much for showing up when desperately needed. For sure you are now added to our contact list.


Great Re-piping job

My galvanized pipes were full of sediment and causing problems. Ryan and his helper replaced all the pipes over a 2-day process with minimal inconvenience . All this at a fair price. Thanks


Excellent Service!

We had a dripping and leaking outside facet, Mike and his assistant got to my house right on time and were very professional. They were able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. I’m very pleased with this company and I will highly recommend Sarkinen Plumbing

Lisa Goodrich
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars