Trusted Plumbing Fixture Installation in Vancouver WA

Plumbing fixture installation Vancouver WA
Plumbing fixture installation can become a messy job if one minor thing is done wrong. Go ahead and leave it to the experts. The skilled plumbers employed at Sarkinen Plumbing will get the job done right. Quickly and thoroughly. Rely on us for all your plumbing fixture installation needs. No job is too small or big. We can do toilets, faucets, showers, dishwashers. All this and the kitchen sink. Now that’s commitment to the customer.

Sarkinen Plumbing uses only the top quality plumbing fixtures, from the most trusted manufacturers. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or just replacing a shower head, trust Sarkinen Plumbing to get the job done well and in a timely manner. We understand the latest trends in the market, and what looks good. Our fixtures are made to beautify and enhance the look and feel of the area in which they are installed. All of this in combination with affordable pricing, what more could you ask for?

Installing Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets require constant readjusting during installation, and if not done correctly, leaks can develop that can go unnoticed for days even weeks causing water damage to cabinets, flooring and sheetrock. Leave this tedious task to the professionals at Sarkinen Plumbing, we guarantee your satisfaction when it comes to installation of new faucets.

Installing Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are quite often heavy and awkward to move. Sarkinen Plumbing will move the kitchen sink in for you and set it in the space provided.

Installing Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets should be functional as well as fashionable. To make sure that they are placed and installed correctly, trust their installation to our plumbers.

Installing Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks require a clean, smooth placement in order to look modern. They are unique because they combine functionality with design. To make a true fashion impact in the bathroom, trust Sarkinen Plumbing to install your sink well.

Fixture Installations

Installing Shower Fixtures

Plumbing fixture installation Vancouver by Sarkinen PlumbingShower fixtures go from being a single head to three or four strategically placed heads- all designed to hit your body in an efficient way.  Whether you’re looking for a replacement for your shower head, or all-out remodel of your bathrooms’ plumbing, Sarkinen Plumbing is experienced in everything plumbing when it comes to showers.

Installing Toilet fixtures

Toilet fixtures are not something you want to mess up. The bowls are heavy and can be a pain to install by yourself. Let the experts at Sarkinen Plumbing handle it.  We are experienced in all types of toilets, from now model water savers, to commercial toilets we service and replace them all.

Installing Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals require a thorough hands on job. The different sizes of the parts makes for a long and tedious installation that is prone to mistakes for those without proper knowledge of plumbing. Not suggested for novice DIY people. Trust Sarkinen Plumbing to get the job done without error.  Garbage disposals come in all types of sizes, power ratings and quality.  Often when replacing a garbage disposal it is necessary to replace or re-size the existing plumbing connections. The plumbing contractors at Sarkinen Plumbing in these parts and fittings in their vehicles. Speed and efficiency are important to us because we want to make sure you’re back up and running as soon as possible.

Plumbing Fixture Installation Testimonials

  • Friendly, professional tech. Very fast! Thank you!
    Ann W
  • Robert was awesome!
    Randy K
  • Very courteous and helpful. Thanks guys 🙂
    Travis M
  • Joe passed away this spring; I am Rosmarie, his wife
    Rosemary Y
  • This is the second time that we have used Sarkinen's service and we couldn't be more pleased. Highly recommended.
    Terry M
  • Services performed by Dylan and Robert have been exceptional! Both of them are obviously very capable. They demonstrate attention to detail, a focus on quality, and the extra measure of providing more than expected. Alicia has also been very helpful with scheduling and billing. Thank you, all!
    Alfredo Z
  • Robert is professional, polite, thorough with his explanations, and kind. He is the best plumber we've ever had in any of our homes! Thank you 🙂
    Jill L
  • I appreciate the quick response to the repair. Very efficient. I expected the return trip to be on Wednesday between 4-5. Instead, the fellows were here waiting this morning until I came home. Worked out okay.
    Betty D
  • Good worker gets job finished in a timely manner
    Margaret T
  • Great service. Job done quickly and on time. Service personnel very helpful.
    Margaret T
  • We appreciate your team's responsiveness, communication, and commitment to finish jobs to our satisfaction.
    Jon B
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Ryan came early and did the work quickly.

Ryan came early (he checked to make sure I was home) and did the work quickly. I appreciate the piece of mind that comes from having the leak fixed. Thank you.

Erin G

I was told 11AM and the guys got here at 9

I was told 11AM and the guys got here at 9 and were finished by 10:15 so we could get the store open on time.
Thank you very much!!!!

Blind Onion P

Great friendly service, cleaned up everything like they were never there.

Great friendly service, cleaned up everything like they were never there. Emailed invoice for future service if needed. Showed up early with a call 20 minutes prior to service.

Kris D

Ryan did an excellent job replacing our bathroom toilet

Ryan did an excellent job replacing our bathroom toilet, as he did with a previous problem that we had with an incoming water supply pipe. He is knowledgeable, courteous and talented. He deserves a “10”.

Dan P

Your guys were great.

Your guys were great. They finished faster than we thought possible and cleaned up after themselves. They even took their bag of sunflower seeds. However, they did leave a few cigarette butts out front. Over all we loved the work and we will use your company for any future plumbing issues. You are #1 on our recommendation list

Denise E
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