Sewer Line Installation

Sewer line hookupNo matter your individual circumstances, Sarkinen Plumbing has 20 years of experience with septic and sewer systems, and this expertise is guaranteed to translate into a seamless and stress free sewer line installation and hook up service for your home. A Sarkinen plumber will get the job done right! We proudly service the residential sewer line needs of homeowners in Portland OR and SW Washington surrounding areas.

Residential Sewer Line Hookup

  • Are you required to switch from septic to sewer and don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need to decommission a former septic system and need assistance?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the idea of switching from septic to sewer?

Sewer Line Hookups and Sewer Line Installation

The SW Washington and Portland, Oregon areas have encountered massive growth over the past 15 years. What was once plains and fields, has become a metropolitan of schools, recreation facilities, shopping centers, housing developments and much more. If you live in an area that has experienced significant growth, chances are, you will be required to hook up to the city sewer system. Many home owners who are used to their septic systems are reluctant to switch over despite the many advantages of doing so. From our experience, some folks are overwhelmed by the idea of switching from septic to sewer as it is a big project that can be extremely expensive. Commonly, homeowners of septic systems cite they do not want to decommission their septic systems that are already an effective means of dealing with waste water, they do not want to pay a monthly utility bill to the city and they do not want to deal with the hassle of connecting to the city sewer. With a properly installed, and properly maintained septic system, it would be difficult to find the value in switching over to a city sewer system. Unfortunately, most septic tanks are not maintained as they should, resulting in a significant failure rates, that results in contaminated groundwater that will spread bacterial and viral illnesses.

How does the septic to sewer process work?

Before we can begin the sewer line installation and hook up process, you must first contact the city you reside in to get permission and to pay the required connection fees. For detailed information on connecting to the Clark County sewer system you can visit this link to get you started. If you live in the Portland area, visit this site for information on how to connect in your area. After you have received permission from the city, and paid your connection fees, Sarkinen Plumbing will be happy to start the sewer installation and hook up service. We are committed to providing you with exemplary, high quality service and encourage you to contact us directly for more information.

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I thought I could repair my linking outside pipe.

I thought I could repair my linking outside pipe. When I failed, I went to Battle Ground ACE for heip. A wonderful employee hand me a Sarkinen card and I called. Could not believe my luck when they scheduled a tech to come out all most immediately. It was then I had the pleasure to meet Ryan. Very nice, professional and solved my problem. Thank you!!!!!

Marion N

Prompt service.

Prompt service. Explained problems and steps taken to repair. Will definitely use you again!

Craig F

Ryan was polite, professional and quick.

Ryan was polite, professional and quick.

Brian B

Highly satisfied with all the work done!

Highly satisfied with all the work done! Pleasant, friendly worker’s—all work completed lightning-quick and stayed on site until all issues fully taken care of! Hardly knew anyone was here after work was finished! Can’t go wrong with these people!! Will use again when needed!

Leonard K
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