Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Trenchless Pipe Replacement – Main Water Line

Trenchless pipeReplacing the main water line between the street and your house can be a difficult, messy, time consuming, and expensive proposition. Traditional trenching for pipe replacement often leads to digging up your yard, driveways, sidewalks and even, in some cases, your homes foundation. One solution to help lessen all the bother and cost associated with traditional main water line replacement is to consider trenchless pipe replacement. An experienced plumber at Sarkinen can get the job done right!

What Is Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Trenchless Pipe Replacement is a method that uses just two small holes, one dug where the pipe to be replaced starts and another where it ends. Then, using the latest in hydro-jet lateral boring technology a hole is bored underground to accept the new pipe. The new pipe can then be placed and connected without the need to dig trenches.

Benefits of Trench-less Pipe Replacement & Repair

  • Affordability – Replacing the pipe is all you are really paying for with trench-less pipe replacement. You completely avoid the repair costs to driveways, sidewalks and landscape associated with traditional trenching techniques.
  • Fast Installation – Trench-less Pipe replacement usually takes a lot less time than traditional methods. This can really reduce the amount of time you are inconvenienced.
  • Clean – Without the need to dig up your yard, all the pipe repairs and installation can be made and in as short a time as just a couple of days, leaving your yard looking completely undisturbed.
  • Durability – Trench-less piping is extremely strong, flexible and impervious to roots.
  • Warranted – Sarkinen Plumbing and HVAC backs all trench-less pipe replacement with our 100% ☆☆☆☆☆ Five Star Guarantee.