Water Heater Sizing

Size up your water needswater heater

Many people wonder what size of water heater they truly need for their residential homes in the greater Vancouver, WA area including Camas, Battle Ground, La Center, Ridgefield, Woodland, Longview and Kelso. Figuring out what size water heater is appropriate for your home means choosing one that can effectively and efficiently provide enough hot water when you and your family need it most.

If you are interested in purchasing a tankless water heater, you should pay close attention to the hot water flow rate. If you have decided on a storage tank water heater, the size of the storage tank is what matters most. Additionally, when choosing a water heater you must know the water temperature in your area as the BTU input of your water heater needs to compensate for either cooler or warmer incoming water temperatures.

Some things to consider when selecting a water heater

No matter what type of water heater you are interested in purchasing, before you make a decision you should start with determining your home’s water heating needs. You can determine your water heating needs by using the simple survey below:

  • How many people bathe or shower in the home?
  • How often are people bathing versus showering? What is the flow rate of the shower heads? How many showers/baths are there in the home?
  • Are the people in the home usually all showering at the same time? What are the peak demand hot water usage times?
  • How long is the typical shower for each person?
  • Is there a Jacuzzi style tub in the home? How large is it? How often it is used?
  • Do you plan on doing any bathroom, or kitchen remodels in the future?
  • How many hot water appliances do you have in the home?

After you have completed the survey above, estimate how many gallons of hot water is needed during peak demand times. For those who want a storage water heater, make sure the storage capacity can accommodate peak water usage. For a tankless water heater, be sure the flow rate of the appliance can accommodate peak water usage; you can do this by figuring out the flow rate of all appliances that will potentially be used simultaneously- failure to pay attention to flow rate can result in some hot water appliances or fixtures not getting any water at all.

Choosing the right water heater for your home is an important decision and investment. For more guidance and information on picking the right storage water heater or tankless water heater for your home call Sarkinen Plumbing today. We would be happy to walk you through the process to ensure you are getting the right fit appliance for you and your family.