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Full plumbing services for Portland homes and businesses.

Not every plumbing company is licensed to work on residential and commercial plumbing systems. They specialize in one, and that means their skill set is limited. It also means you don’t get the benefit of a well-rounded plumber. At Sarkinen Plumbing, we provide plumbing services in Portland on both system types every single day.

Who benefits from our experience? You do.

Why choose a multi-licensed plumber to work on your property?

  • Our plumbers have a greater understanding of system loads and industrial grade plumbing than resident only plumbers do. We’ve encountered every issue that might come up. Having in-depth knowledge of both systems allows us to diagnose your issue faster and more accurately than one alone.
  • If you like our service, you can get it anywhere. This makes us perfect for business or rental property owners. You get the same high-quality for your home and business from a company you trust. We’re proud to keep plumbing functioning in all of Portland, OR and the surrounding areas.
  • An estimate is always free. Just call or contact us today. We’ll provide an estimate for your residence or commercial plumbing services.

Plumbing Service Portland OR

Types of plumbing services.

There are four basic service types we offer; repairs, replacements, maintenance, and diagnostics. These aren’t always apparent from the beginning. If you have a furnace breakdown for instance, should you have it repaired or replaced? Once our plumbers perform a diagnosis, we’ll make recommendations.

Every service call begins with a thorough diagnosis of the issue. If you have multiple options, we’ll provide them. We also inspect other components that may be affected by a single issue. For instance, a burnout in one area can lead to stress on the electrical system in another. We inspect both.

If it involves water, sewer, gas lines or fixtures we can do it.

Don’t wait any longer for the plumbing services you need. Call or contact us today!

Our list of plumbing services in Portland, OR includes:

At Sarkinen Plumbing we also offer Plumbing Services in:
Vancouver and surrounding areas!
Plumbing Services Portland

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So life saver. This plumbing company technicians showed up very quickly from the time we called. I messed up in working on a leaking outside faucet which also involved getting in the crawlspace. The job was completed within the hour and that meant the water source is back on. Thank you so much for showing up when desperately needed. For sure you are now added to our contact list.


Great Re-piping job

My galvanized pipes were full of sediment and causing problems. Ryan and his helper replaced all the pipes over a 2-day process with minimal inconvenience . All this at a fair price. Thanks


Excellent Service!

We had a dripping and leaking outside facet, Mike and his assistant got to my house right on time and were very professional. They were able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. I’m very pleased with this company and I will highly recommend Sarkinen Plumbing

Lisa Goodrich

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